Feminist network promoting human rights of women and children


WAVE Step Up!In 2016-2017, the WAVE Network is stepping up to promote the right of women and their children to live free from violence!

To be launched on 25 May 2016, the WAVE Step up! campaign aims at improving the availability and access to quality specialised support services for women survivors of violence and their children, calling on decision-makers on the national and European level to provide adequate and sustainable funding to autonomous NGOs providing these life-saving services.


The WAVE Report 2015 entitled “Report on the Role of Specialist Women’s Support Services in Europe” maps the services available to women survivors of violence in 46 countries, including information on women’s helplines, women’s shelters, women’s centres, women’s journeys to specialist support services as well as providing data on the existence and scope of national women’s networks in Europe.

In addition, for the first time, best practice examples of preventative and training work conducted by women’s NGOs is presented. Information on Government policy and funding is given which discusses national action plans and strategies to deal with gender violence.

WAVE Members Info Leaflet

WAVE LeafletIn 2015, WAVE published a six-page information leaflet on the WAVE Network, targeted at current and prospective members. The leaflet provides a list of the 112 member organisations that comprise the network (as of December 2015), information on membership - how to become a member, and benefits of being part of the network - as well as on the role of the WAVE Information Centre, as well as a list of women's helplines in 46 European Countries.

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WAVE Mapping Report

WAVE MappingIn February 2016, WAVE published a report titled "WAVE Mapping - Administrative Data Collection by Women's Support Services in Europe: National Women's Helplines, Women's Shelters, and Women's Centers" which explores the situation of data collection in specialist women’s support services in Europe, with the aim to map existing data collection methods and systems in Europe (in the European Union and additional European countries).
This study is situated within a greater European focus on improving the availability and quality of administrative data collection and supports Article 11 of the Istanbul Convention, which mandates state parties to “collect disaggregated relevant statistical data at regular intervals”.

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