Winners of the Corinna Seith Award

Since year 2013, at every annual WAVE conference, which usually takes place at the end of the year (October or Novemeber), WAVE announces one winner of the Corinna Seith Award.

WAVE established the award three years ago in honour of former member Corinna Seith, a passionate feminist, researcher and women’s self-defence teacher, who died in 2010. The prize of 500 euros is awarded to the best paper written by a young scholar (PhD candidate/new PhD within the past five years or a researcher with a career of five years or less).

The winning publications (2013-2016) are available for viewing and download here.



Corinna Seith Prize Winners


Dr. Emma Katz, UK

“Beyond the Physical Incident Model: How Children Living with Domestic Violence are Harmed By and Resist Regimes of Coercive Control"

An Honourable Mention was given to:

Dr. Halliki Voolma, Estonia 

“I must be silent because of residency: Barriers to escaping domestic violence in the context of insecure immigration status”



Dr. Alison Gregory, UK

“On the outside looking in: the shared burden of domestic violence”

Dr. Fiona Vera Grey; UK

“On Situated Agency”



Hilde Jakobsen, Norway

“What's Gendered about Gender-Based Violence? An Empirically Grounded Theoretical Exploration from Tanzania”



Dr. Oona Brooks, UK

“‘GUYS! STOP DOING IT!’ Young Women’s Adoption and Rejection of Safety Advice when Socializing in Bars, Pubs and Clubs”