Women Against Violence Europe

Feminist network promoting human rights of women and children


Below you will find the WAVE's Position Papers, which have been worked out together with the WAVE Focal Points. And WAVE is often invited to provide a statement and to participate actively in conferences and committees to represent the grassroot experience of women's NGOs.

The cooperation between WAVE and European and international institutions grows stronger: WAVE is often referred to by these organizations. For easy-to-use information to report on VAW in different media you can find below WAVE statements and position papers.


02/2013 - WAVE Position Paper for the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

02/2013 - WAVE Statistics on Women's Shelters in Europe-Annex to WAVE Position Paper for CSW57

10/2012 - WAVE Position Paper on the Right of Children to Live a Life Free from Violence

10/2012 - WAVE Position Paper on Safety & Support for Survivors as a Core Standard for Perpetrator Programmes

03/2010 - WAVE Position Paper on the Inter-dependency of poverty and experience of Domestic Violence, and migrant women