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The Realities of Sexual Assault on Campus

One of the most disquieting dangers young adults must face is the risk of sexual assault. Not Alone estimates that one in five college students experiences sexual assault during their college career. To combat sexual assault it is necessary to create accesible and informative guides and resources for college students. Best Colleges has recently produced such a guide on the practical realities of sexual assault on campus.

June 2015: The 8th Conference on Femicide/ Feminicide - The Duty of Due Diligece in Eradicating Feminicide/ Femicide.

The 8th Conference on Femicide/ Feminicide examined the necessary measures that must be taken in order to eradicate violence against women and girls in all its forms, and in particular, it’s most extreme manifestation, namely femicide/ feminicide.

Sign the Portuguese Petition to show your outrage against sexual violence in Portugal today!

In a 2012 survey on VAW the Agency for Fundamental Rights of the European Union(FRA) found that in 2011 41,542 women and girls were victims of sexual violence by partners and non-partners in 2011. In the last 14 years the Portuguese Police recorded (INE) 5,088 rape crimes, an average of 391 rapes per year, 33 rapes per month - that is, one rape per day.

Women’s Aid National Conference, 1-2 July 2015

On 1&2 July 2015, Women’s Aid will be hosting its national conference titled ‘Change that Lasts in Conference Aston, Birmingham, UK. The conferences is an annual event which aims to bring together specialist providers of domestic and sexual violence services and professionals working in the violence against women sector in England. This year’s event will address Women’s Aid new needs led approach as well as how state responses to domestic violence can be reframed.

IMPLEMENT Train-the-Trainer Seminar, 21-22 May 2015

On May 21 & 22 2015, IMPLEMENT, a project aimed at providing trainings and information regarding specialized support for victims of violence in healthcare systems across Europe, is hosting a seminar in Vienna, Austria. The seminar includes participants from six countries, namely Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and Romania. Each country has chosen a health professional and a representative, usually from a woman's organization, to attend the event.

Council of Europe: Handbook on Case Law of LGBT Rights as Human Rights, 15 May 2015

On May 7th, 2015 the Council of Europe released a new publication titled “Case law of the European Court of Human Rights relating to discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity”. This publication outlines LGBT rights within the context of the European Convention on Human Rights and how it relates to the case law of the European Court of Human Rights when addressing issues regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

24th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, 18-22 May 2015

From May 18 to 22, 2015 the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) will be hosting its 24th session at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna, Austria. The CCPCJ was established in 1992 to serve as the main policymaking body of the United Nations to combat national and international crime and to ensure the fairness of criminal justice administration systems.

WILPF Renews Commitment to Peacemaking, 23 April 2015

The Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) recently adopted a new manifesto to commemorate 100 years of work towards peacemaking and to renew and outline its commitment towards further efforts. In addition to all of WILPF’s Sections, the Executive Committee, International Board and Anniversary Political Working Group, 300 WILPF members also contributed to the development of the manifesto. It was then voted on by the members attending the Centennial Congress. The document aims to serve as a reference and basis for future initiatives and work.